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  • Be concise and specific! A good title is Plastered Poets presents Joe Schlobtnik. A bad title is “On Thursday, December 28 at 2pm (doors open at 1:30) at the 2nd Street Legion…“. Save details and other information for later, in the  Details field, where you can write to your heart’s content, and you’ll end up with better automated Tweets and Facebook posts. For better SEO, keep your title under 50 characters when possible.
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  • Don’t be repetitive! Do not use description space for the date, time, location, or other data that is collected in other fields.
  • Be helpful! In the details field, include a link(s) to sites with additional information, especially official event sites, which may be updated if the event changes.
  • A picture is worth an open bar! Okay, not really, but it’s a good way to get more attention. Upload a photo with the event, if available – preferably a small photo. It will be shown beside your event on Facebook and Twitter, which will help get more attention. Choose a meaningful, catchy, colourful image that’s not too big, and not too small. Around 1024 x 512 is probably a good goal.
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