Date/Time: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Cottage Bistro


Ten storytellers share original stories! $5 cover includes a ballot to vote for your favourites. Featuring storytellers Alix Born, Clint Wilson, Emily Kelsall, Gregory Travers, Johnny Frem, Jovian Francey, Maia Gibb, Mike Funergy, Trina Ferguson, and Tyler Hein.

Vancouver Story Slam is a monthly storytelling event open to all writers and performers regardless of age, experience, or story subject. $150 in cash prizes are awarded each month; winners are invited to participate in our annual storytelling championship finals. Profits go to the Vancouver Story Slam scholarship fund. Details on our Facebook page, or contact vancouverstoryslam at yahoo dot com.

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An Evening of Storytelling! — 4 Comments

  1. I am a storyteller and poet visiting Vancouver and Vancouver Island in April. I would be grateful if you could let me know of any events where I might tell or read between April 10 and April 20. Thanks John Row

    • I should have added that I am visiting from the UK and it is my first visit to Canada and I have told across Europe, the middle and far east, north Africa and Texas

    • Hi John! I don’t receive notifications when someone posts on this page, so apologies for the delayed response.

      If you’re interested in telling a very short story (4-6 minutes) as part of our monthly storytelling series in Vancouver on April 11, send me a message during the period of March 14-March 11 saying you’re interested in signing up. (Our event is quite popular with storytellers and we tend to get far more folks signing up than we have slots onstage, so we only take signups for a few specific days then do a draw a month in advance.) I can be reached at vancouverstoryslam at yahoo dot com.

      Also, if you send me an email soon as you see this, and remind me of what dates you’ll be in our area, I can also look around for other events during that time when you can share your work. There’s a rich network of literary events, both poetry and storytelling, in our area – I’m sure we can find you some stages to shine on!

      Susan Cormier
      Producer, Vancouver Story Slam

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