Launch: Jamie Reid’s ‘A Temporary Stranger’

Date(s) - Thu May 25, 2017
7:00 pm

Cottage Bistro

Anvil Press, in collaboration with Pandora’s Collective, presents the launch of Jamie Reid’s A Temporary Stranger.

Poet Jami Macarty hosts a full roster of readers including: Carol Reid, Patrick Friesen, Karl Siegler, Dennis E. Bolen, Stephen Roxborough, Donato Mancini, Heidi Greco, Eve Jospeh, Joanne Arnott, George Bowering, Chris Turnbull, George Stanley, Renee Rodin, Lary Bremner, Heather Haley, Mike Barnholden, and Maria Hindmarch.

This is sure to be a packed event, celebrating not just the new book, but everything Jamie, so arrive early to secure a seat.


A Temporary Stranger is comprised of three sections: Homages, Fake Poems, and Recollections. In Homages we find poems of reverence and honour, tributes to writers who had opened up the world of poetry to Jamie. There are poems to Spicer, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Breton, Francis Ponge, Tristan Tzara and others. At the centre of A Temporary Stranger are the Fake Poems, so called because “There is no art on earth that can fully represent the exact and flowing experience of viewing stone within the flow of water and the waving light within the water and around the stone, and the subsequent sense of awe and beauty that arises in the interaction between the seer and the seen… . In that sense, all art is fake… ” The third section, Recollections, is an assemblage of articles ? paeans, really – to Robin Blaser, bill bissett, Warren Tallman, John Newlove, Curt Lang, Nellie McClung, Artie Gold, Kim Goldberg, Kate Braid, and others. Here, as friend and editor Karl Siegler states in his Foreword, “we encounter memory-not as a form of nostalgia for a bygone golden age of a romanticised pastoral arcadia … but as an historical record of who did what when, and to what end, throughout the counterculture revolution that shaped the lives of Jamie Reid and his companions over the past six decades.”


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