Date/Time: Wed Sep 20, 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Propaganda Coffee


Join us for the launch of Lydia Kwa’s new novel ORACLE BONE, the first book (chronologically) in a modern chuanqi trilogy of novels. The term chuanqi means, “to transmit the strange” and was a popular narrative tradition in seventh-century Chinese literature.

Free event

Book sales by Little Sisters.

Hosted by Cathy Stonehouse.

Accessibilty info:
Propaganda is wheelchair accessible
There are two washrooms available, one wheelchair accessible.

A magic-realist novel set in seventh-century China featuring ghosts,martial arts, and a powerful mystical object known as the oracle bone.

Featuring Chinese mythology, Buddhist philosophy, ghosts, and martial arts, Oracle Bone is at once a tale of queer love, political ambition, and a quest narrative. The three plotlines revolve around the oracle bone, a coveted mystical object.

As Wu Zhao—the first women to obtain the full title of Emperor—rises to ascendancy in the Tang court, she and her evil lover Xie conspire to gain possession of the oracle bone, a magical object they believe will grant them infinite power. Standing in their way is Qilan, a Daoist nun (and martial arts master) who rescues a young girl, Ling, from slavery and offers to train her in martial arts so she can defend herself and avenge the deaths of her family. Ling joins Qilan in her quest to keep the bone from
falling into the wrong hands. In another part of the city, a young monk named Harelip questions his faith and his attraction to other men as he helps the elder monk Xuanzang to complete his translation of the Heart Sutra—the sacred Buddhist scripture which holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the oracle bone.

Lydia Kwa invokes and subverts traditional male-centric tropes of
Chinese mythology to tell a tale of greed, faith, and female empowerment with a wickedly modern sensibility.

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